Canadian Precision Coatings Inc. Privacy Policy

Some definitions

Throughout this document, there are a few terms you’ll see used often:

  • “we”, “us”, “our” refers to Canadian Precision Coatings Inc.
  • “this site”, “our site” refers to the site located at the URLs "" or "" along with all associated subdomains, URIs and sub-URIs.
  • “you”, “user”, “visitor” refers to anyone using this site for its intended purposes.


We DO NOT collect any personally identifiable information about you unless you have explicitly chosen to provide that information. All non-security related information we collect is anonymized so that individual identification is no longer possible. Also, it is our sincere and honest belief that all external services used by this site to make it functional also adhere to strict anonymization of all personal data.

We store aggregated anonymized data only as long as necessary to facilitate the purposes outlined in the “How we use the anonymized analytical data we collect” section of this document. We keep this information for a maximum duration of 24 months before it is permanently discarded. The information is NEVER sold, rented, shared or used for any purposes other than described in this document.

Information directly collected by this site

No personally identifiable information of any kind is collected directly by this site. If you choose to use the link on our site to email us, we would necessarily obtain your email address due to the nature of how email works. Please refer to the “How we use any personal information you choose to submit via email” section for details.

Information collected by others to provide services for us


We use Cloudflare’s content-delivery-network (CDN) and acceleration/caching services to deliver our content quickly and reliably to our visitors and to ease the burden on our servers.

Cloudflare places several cookies on your device when you access any site within their network. These cookies allow them to provide services on our behalf such as efficient routing for faster page loading, load balancing across their servers and caching of our content so visitors can still access our site even if our servers are offline for short periods of time. Some information collected by Cloudflare is also available to us and we use it as outlined in the “How we use the anonymized analytical data we collect” section.

The cookies placed on your device by Cloudflare also allow them to provide various security services and prevent legitimate visitors from being asked to complete ‘Captcha’ challenges. This cookie is necessary for the services Cloudflare provides to this site. A summary of all Cloudflare cookies and what they are for is available in article 200170156 on their support site. You may also consult Cloudflare's complete cookie policy.

Google Fonts

We use fonts on our site provided via the Google Fonts content-delivery-network. To facilitate faster downloads, they may collect your anonymized IP address according to Google’s privacy policy. Information collected by Google, and Google Fonts in particular, is NOT shared with or available to us.

Plausible Analytics

We utilize and self-host Plausible Analytics to provide us with statistics and various analytics. You may read about their open-source privacy-focussed analytics software on their website at the previous link. Plausible allows us to gather aggregate and anonymized data WITHOUT the need for any cookies, tracking software or tokens on your computer whatsoever. Our analytics do NOT collect ANY personally identifiable information of any kind.

Information we share with others

We DO NOT share any information about our visitors with other sites or any third-parties whatsoever.

How we use the anonymized analytical data we collect

Anonymized and aggregated collected data is used by us internally to:

  1. See which pages are being visited and better understand what products and services our visitors are interested in;

  2. Determine the general geographic area from which users are visiting our site so we can better determine how to optimize content delivery speed, the response to various marketing campaigns and possible locations for new marketing campaigns;

  3. Understand possible ways to enhance our search engine rankings, social media engagement and reciprocal link relationships;

  4. Analyze visitor navigation of our site so we can optimize this over time to make information easier to find for visitors;

  5. Determine how our visitors are finding our site and how long they are spending browsing various parts of our site;

  6. Better understand aggregate visitor traffic to assist in capacity planning such as upgrading servers, service plans, bandwidth, et cetera; and

  7. Rank and tally what types of devices and browsers visitors are using to view our site so we can enhance our website coding and design.

How we use any personal information you choose to submit via email

In short, we do not use submitted personal information at all except to reply to any emails your send us via the link on our website. We reserve the right to retain your email and any other contact information you provide for follow-up communication and for any other marketing or advertising campaigns for which you choose to opt-in. We do NOT use provided contact information for ‘cold’ or unsolicited marketing efforts. We do NOT sell, rent or otherwise provide obtained contact information to any third-parties whatsoever.

Questions? Concerns? Want your data deleted?

If you have any questions about this policy or have concerns regarding personally identifiable information we may have about you, please reach out to us using the email address on our site. As mentioned several times throughout this document, we DO NOT collect any personally identifiable data about any of our visitors. As such, we have no data about you to delete. If you have provided us your email address or any other contact information in the course of communicating with us, you may email us at any time and request we remove said information from our internal databases.