your private data

As per our privacy policy, all of our visitors are entitled to know if we have any stored data regarding their interactions with our website and/or services. These data may include, but not be limited to, items such as analytics information (e.g. number of site visits, pages viewed, etc.) or directly provided personally identifiable information such as email addresses required to respond to contact form requests.

Regardless the form of these data, it is your right to know if said data exist, to receive an unabridged copy for review if you desire and, most importantly, to request all such data be permanently and irretrievably deleted. The tools on this page offer you the ability to exercise those rights. If the tools on this page do not satisfy your requirements or if you need more help with anything related to the content of this page, please fill-out our contact form (here) with the inquiry type 'Privacy concern' and we will get back to you within 72 business-hours.

visitor profile

The text below this paragraph indicates whether a visitor profile is associated with your current browser/device in our database. If the text indicates no profile exits, then we have not collected any non-anonymized analytics data linked to this particular browser/device. Since, by technical necessity, this check is specific to the browser/device you are currently using, it is possible that a profile exists linked to another browser/device you have used to interact with our site at some other point in time. To be sure we have no analytics data associated with any of your browsers/devices, you would have to visit this page using each of those browsers/devices. You should also note this check only applies to analytics data. Other sections of this page deal with other forms of data that we may have collected about you.

Unable to check if a visitor profile exits. Is JavaScript disabled?

If you would like an unabridged copy of your profile and all associated data for your personal review, or would like it all deleted from our database, please fill-out our contact form (here) with the inquiry type 'Privacy concern' and include the above profile number in the body of your message. Your request will be processed within 72 business-hours.

all other personal information

In the course of interacting with our website and/or products and services, we may have necessarily gathered other potentially personally identifiable information about you. This is most likely to have happened if you filled out a contact form requesting more information. In that case, it is inevitable that your email address was collected and used (as per our our privacy policy) in responding to your query.

If you would like an unabridged copy of these data, please fill-out our contact form (here) with the inquiry type 'Privacy concern'. In the body of your message, please specify the type of information you would like disclosed, for example, 'email correspondence'. Please refer to our privacy policy for more information about how such requests will be handled to ensure we are not improperly disclosing any private information. Disclosure requests will typically be handled within one week of being received.

Similar to requesting your data, you may also ask to have your data permanently removed from our databases. In cases where this is possible, we will be happy to comply with your request. More information about such requests can be found in our privacy policy. To make an information deletion request, please fill-out our contact form (here) with the inquiry type 'Privacy concern' and clearly state the information you would like deleted. Deletion requests will typically be handled within two weeks of being received.